Tuesday, January 24, 2017

5 Reasons having more energy is important

If you are a mom, you'll see why these 5 Reasons having more energy is important- are important.
Parenting is hard enough.  We discipline, we listen, we teach, we drive our kids everywhere, we help with homework, we cook, we clean, and that is just the start of what we do.  And it can be exhausting! Yes, it is true. Being a mom is tiring.  I had no idea before I had kids how tired I would be. Sometimes I get to the end of the day and I am so excited to just throw myself in bed.  So... Why is having more energy so important?  My biggest motivation for what I do is my children, but having energy is important for taking care of ourselves, too.  Here are 5 Reasons having more energy is important.

5 Reasons having more energy is important

We don't want to lose ourselves-

If you are running on 200% you will eventually hit a wall.  It is so important to take care of yourself so you can be happy.  The saying is true, "If mom, is unhappy-- everyone is unhappy."  Getting enough sleep, eating healthy and TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF will bring you more happiness and your mood will be brighter. It is hard to feel happy when you are always tired and you can fall into a depression, self pity or just lose who you are.  If you do what it takes to take care of yourself, first-- everyone around you will be happier.   

We want to enjoy the journey-  

Life is filled with so many joys and I don't know about you, but I want to enjoy it!  In our family, we have a saying that says "Life is Good."  And it really is!  I love watching my kids sporting events, seeing my baby take her first steps, seeing the excitement my kids get when they have successes and I want to cherish each and even moment of it.  Let's be honest here.  When you are tired--- it can be really hard to enjoy all of these moments!  Having more energy will help you to enjoy the journey.

We want to be healthy- 

I love how I feel when I am healthy.  Life is better when you are healthy.  There are so many things involved with being healthy.  Hydration, exercise, meditating, getting good sleep, and taking care of your overall well being.  If you focus on your health, you will feel so much better and find you have an easier time keeping up with the energy of your kids!

We can get more done-

My to-do list is often miles long.  I feel like there is so much that needs to be done every single day.  There are days when my check list is filled with "checks" and I feel great.  There are other days when I wake up in the morning and I feel unmotivated and tired and I JUST WANT TO LAY AROUND AND DO NOTHING! Having energy helps me to get more done.  It helps me to check more items off my list.  It helps me to end they day feeling successful and happy.  And when we end the day happy, its easier to start the next day happier!

We will build better connections-

I love meeting new people.  I love having the opportunity to make connections with people who have similar interests as I have.  Girls love and NEED friends.  We find strength in our friendships that help us through so many obstacles.  When I am tired I often stay home more and don't build those relationships and connections.  Finding the energy to get up, get dressed and go build a connection will really brighten your day!

Having more energy is important.  We all know that and we all feel it! Here are some ways that I have helped to fill my ENERGY Bucket.

I love this book!  It gives you the tools you need to start your morning in a way to get your day going right.  Everything from mindset to routine.  I highly recommend this book.

I love my daily Go Stik.  This to me not only gives me energy but helps me to stay hydrated.  I look forward to drinking because it tastes good and helps me to feel better.  

Other items I love are reading my favorite book, watching an exercise video, sending a text to a friend, or taking a walk around the block.  How do you like to fill your energy bucket? 

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