Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Why you should Go for No in Network Marketing

I recently went to a Conference where I was able to learn all about how to build a Network Marketing team.  We learned so many great tips for building the business.  One of my favorite things that we learned was about Network Marketing Go For No.

What do you think of the word NO?  In Network Marketing, often the word NO brings stress, frustrating and even is the reason that people quit.  WHAT IF our perception of the word NO is completely wrong.  We had the opportunity to learn from Richard and Andrea Waltz who wrote the book Go For No.  In this presentation they shared with us the importance of going for as many NO's as we can, because with these NO's we are also getting Yes's.  Unfortunately, so many people quit before they get that first YES because of feelings of fear or rejection from getting no's.

What if I told you that you could get virtually anything you want if you are willing to hear NO more often?  Pretty awesome, right?  The word NO, or failure, is and important step in the pathway to success.
"Success is on the other side of NO"  -Andrea Waltz
Often we look at successful Network Marketers and feel like they aren't having to deal with rejection.  But if you had the opportunity to peel back their layers, you would see that those Top Earners had to fail their way to success.  They had the courage to use their NO's as a steeping stone to their success.

So how do you implement Go For No?

First, I would highly recommend going to Amazon purchasing Go for Now by Richard and Andrea Waltz.   Then you share with everyone you come in contact with and let them decide for themselves if they want to say yes or no.  If you don't share because of the fear of NO, someone may lose the opportunity to say Yes because you didn't share with them.

It is important to recognize that SOME WILL SAY NO!! BUT.... SOME WILL SAY YES.  It is important to not be addicted to the outcome.

What kind of goals should you set?
There are two kinds of goals.  Yes goals and NO goals.  It is important to set Yes goals, but NO goals are critical in building your business.  Yes goals limit our performance because we aren't focused on the behavior to reach goals.

Make daily NO goals-- but remember-- most importantly to TRACK YOUR GOALS.  This helps you to look back and see how you are doing.  Set goals that are realistic and that you can have fun doing.  What kind of goals should you set?  Push yourself.
The only way to discover the line is to step over it every now and then.  
44% of people give up after the 1st NO
22% give up after the 2nd NO
14% give up after the 3rd NO
12% Give up after the 4th NO.

92% of people give up before the 5th NO.

60% of people say no 4 TIMES BEFORE SAYING YES!!!

Don't let fear run you, and keep trying. Go for NO!!